Lip Fillers: Points To Remember To Get The Perfect Pout

As technology is improving, cosmetic treatments are gaining popularity and more and more people are opting for non-surgical treatments to enhance their beauty. One such treatment that has skyrocketed all other procedures, is lip fillers. As these treatments are increasingly becoming available nowadays, it should be kept in kind that they come with certain risks and benefits. Before going into the things to be remembered before booking an appointment, don’t forget to put a lot of thought into these cosmetic procedures so that you don’t have to regret later.

Examine your practitioner

Firstly, make sure you have booked your appointment with a licensed professional medical practitioner like lip fillers Toronto. To avoid infections, uneven lips and inserting too much filler, do your research, go through reviews, examine the pictures and consult with a good practitioner. It is very important to make sure that the surgery is being done by an expert who knows what is he doing.

Go slow

No matter whether you have inserted fillers before or not, you should take it slow. Don’t overfill your lips only to regret later. You don’t like anyone to refer your lips as duck lips.

How big is too big?

Before going to the practitioner, you need to understand how you want your lips to appear. Some might feel that their lips haven’t changed dramatically after filling them. If you want to bring about a noticeable change, communicate this to your practitioner. If you want juicer lips, the filler should be inserted directly into your lips, whereas if you want your lips to appear natural, only the rim of your lips are to be filled

Another aspect to look into when it comes to the size of your lips is your face as a whole and understand how much fuller lips will match your face size. For this purpose, you can use a nude lip liner to outline the shape of lips you desire and see whether it fits on your face.

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About a week before you are to insert fillers, experts advise not to consume fish oil, multivitamins, paracetamol or food containing vitamin E. Consumption of these medicines will thin your blood resulting in major bruises after the procedure is done. Also, it is best to avoid caffeine or alcoholic drinks to reduce the chances of swelling. It is important to stay hydrated and keep your lips moistured with a lip Balm.

Select your filler and dosage

Presently, there are wide varieties of fillers available in the market, mostly hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. If you are in looking for Juicer lips, Juvederm is the best option to go for since it contains a higher dosage of hyaluronic acid and lasts up to a year. Restylane is cheaper comparatively and it is great if you want only to fill the outlines and wrinkles.

lip fillers TorontoGet instant results

The procedure only takes an hour. Your medical practitioner lip fillers Toronto will point out with a white marker the spot where he will insert the filler. The results are almost instant and you might experience some bruises which will go down within 3 days.

It is painful

Needless to say, inserting fillers hurt a lot. To cope with the pain, a numbing cream is applied before the insertion. But it is advisable not to use the numbing cream since it causes swelling. Hence it becomes difficult to get the true results of the filler after the procedure is being done.

Risks associated

Often, lip fillers are considered to be risk-free, which is not true. Still, there remain chances of allergies which can lead to infections.

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