Cannabis Oil: One of the Essential Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is the leading cause of death for children as well as adults all over the world. Unfortunately, the majority of the treatments that are available for the disease are not only harsh for the body but also costly for the needy persons. Chemotherapy becomes very costly for the poor people. Thereby, it puts cancer patients in a delicate situation: not only do they have to fight the deadly disease emotionally, but also needs to come up with effective treatment plans that can fit their budget.

Apart from chemotherapy, cannabis oil for cancer treatment, an alternative cancer treatment and a natural remedy for cancer is gaining the attention of the medical fraternity.

 cannabis oil for cancer

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a thick substance made up of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It is an essential oil obtained by separating the resins from cannabis flowers through the process of solvent extraction.

Is It Really Helpful?

With cancer affecting so many people, it is natural to have a query on whether cannabis can cure cancer. Yes, it can provide an effective approach not only in alleviating the symptoms of cancer but also helps in reducing the growth of cancer cells. They easily interfere with the development of cancerous cells by inhibiting them in their pathways and preventing them from growing.

Studies have shown that non-psychedelic elements of cannabis act as effective anti-cancer agents. The anti-cancer properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the primary psychedelic component of cannabis. However, cannabis-derived compounds contain anti-cancer properties. When THC and CBD are combined together, they have a better effect on cancer cells.

Cannabis Oil: An Effective Remedycannabis oil for cancer treatment

For those who are suffering from cancer, cannabis is becoming an incredible choice. Medical cannabis is slightly different from traditional cannabis. Medical cannabis has got a huge concentration of cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are crucial chemicals in cannabis that binds the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors or better known as Endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids affect the CNS and immune system, thereby making them capable of treating the side effects of cancer. Among the different types of cannabinoids present, THC and CBD are responsible for blocking cell growth, alleviating pain, and preventing the supply of blood to the tumors.

Cannabis Treating Cancer

It can assist in treating cancer related ailments like nausea, pain, depression, loss of appetite, etc. it has been effective in killing certain types of cancer cells. It can help in reducing brain, throat, lung, breast, colon, ovary, prostrate, liver, skin cancer and leukemia. It can also provide relief from the side effects of chemotherapy.

How It Fights Cancer?

The oil extracted from the cannabis plant contains cannabinoids which binds with cannabinoid receptors of the body for destroying cancer cells while protecting the healthy cells. The THC and CBD element weakens the barbarity of cancer cells and makes them more prone to radiation treatment. In fact, cannabinoids help in promoting Apoptosis which programs the death of the tumor cells, while stopping Angiogenesis.

Even though cannabis oil cannot cure cancer totally, it is seen as a natural and herbal remedy that can cure cancer up to a certain level.