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The Powerful Health Benefits of Spices: Cumin

Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Eat This, Healthy Living | 0 comments

Picture of cumin seeds

Cumin has many powerful health benefits.

We mostly believe spices to be cooking aids, jars of powder that lie, often unused, in our pantries. But for most of human history, spices were also prized as medicine.

Cumin is a spice that might not be known to you. It isn’t as well known in the west as other spices cinnamon or salt. But it’s been used the world over: from Latin America to the Middle East, Asia to Europe, for thousands of years.

Cumin seeds are pungent and have a potent flavor.

Many spices that have been in use for thousands of years appear to confer a number of powerful health benefits. Cumin is no exception. It appears to give a variety of health protecting effects, from an anti-glycation agent to an antioxidant to anti-osteoporotic, and more.

Simple Dental Health Tips for Great Teeth and Gums

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

There is a lot of material about health, alternative medicine and holistic healing. However, there are few, if any, about alternative medicine for dental problems. This is true for dentists and dental professionals everywhere, from the Goodyear dentist in Arizona, to Beijing, China, there is only western medicine to handle tooth problems. While it is true that pressure points and acupuncture can cure tooth ache, the are still some basic rules to follow when it comes to oral hygiene and preventing tooth decay.

Here are some simple ways to maintain healthy teeth:

Eating right. A balanced diet would help keep the mouth healthy. There should be enough calcium intake as well. Rinse or brush before sleeping, especially after a midnight snack.

Brushing regularly. Brush at least twice a day. Contrary to popular ads, you only need a small amount of toothpaste, about the size of a pea. Brush at least 30 minutes after a meal. Teeth enamel sometimes softens due to the food being eaten. Allowing it to rest for 30 minutes hardens the enamel back to its former state.

Flossing. Flossing should be done once a day. Never use a toothpick. The diameter of the toothpick can damage the gums while it picking between the teeth.

Massaging the gums. Use a tonic oil made from the essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and wintergreen. Massage a small dab of oil on the gums using circular motions. Beside smelling fresh, it also has antiseptic properties. Massaging the gums will stimulate blood flow, and keep the gums healthy.

Regular visits to the Dentist. Visit the dentist at least twice a year. The visit is not just for the checkup but also for a dental prophylaxis. This is deep cleaning, for the gums and teeth. The dentist will also be able to monitor any problems with the teeth and gums.

Regular consultation with a dentist can help prevent tooth decay, and it can also help check for possible problems which could be easily prevented. Alternatively, there are some herbs and drinks which help ensure good strong teeth. However, these are not usually easily available in Western countries.

The Girls are Back in Town

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

More and more women are choosing to have mastectomy surgery to remove their breasts. Why? Well, there are several very good reasons for this. The first is that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer and it is the obvious method of removing it. Second, they may have recovered from breast cancer and are concerned about it returning. Third, and perhaps the most important choice of all is that there is a history of breast cancer in their family and they want to minimize their risks of getting it.

Whatever the reason, choosing to undergo a mastectomy is a tough decision. It is life changing, the loss of a symbol of womanhood and, in some cases total loss of confidence afterwards even though they made the choice.


All is not lost though, it never is and with the wonders of western medicine and surgery these days, it is perfectly possible to put back what was taken away. I’m talking about reconstruction work, about having breast augmentation surgery a bit later on down the line.

First of all I want to clear something up. So any people mistake breast augmentation as a boob job. It isn’t the same thing and, in fact, it is quite insulting to these women to suggest that they have had a boob job. They are not doing this for vanity reasons. Their choices are made for health and health alone and, if they choose to have their breasts reconstructed afterwards, well that’s not vanity.

What are the Implant Options?

One of the best clinics for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, is this one. They fully explain the procedure to you and tell you exactly what type of implants they are going to use. There are three main ones:

  • Silicon

These are made from firm silicon and filled with a silicon gel. If a leakage occurs, the gel stays inside the shell or, in some cases, it may escape into the implant pocket.  Women who have silicon implants must undergo very regular check-ups with their doctor to ensure everything is ok.

  • Saline

Saline implants are made from a silicon gel and filled with a saline solution. The amount of solution determines the size, shape and feel of the breast. Any leakages are naturally expelled from the body.

  • Alternative composite

This type of implant can be filled with materials such as soy oil or polypropylene string.

After Surgery

Recovering from reconstruction can take some time although each individual is different. Virtually every woman who has had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy has been very happy with the results, with the fact that they have their figure back and that they are free of disease.

It is a big decision to make. For some people the decision is out of their hands, depending on the extent of the cancer. For others, it’s a lifesaving choice, a decision that could save them the heartache of being told that they have cancer.

For those of you that make that tough decision, choosing the right clinic is vital. If you choose to have your breast augmentation in Scottsdale, think about visiting this website for information first.

Health Benefits of a Restorative Vacation

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

While most diseases are cured by the intervention of natural or medical treatments, there are a couple of diseases that can be cured through restorative vacations. The concept of restorative vacations has originated with the theme of leaving behind work related pressures or other factors that create hindrance in the process of healing. By travelling to a scenic and beautiful location, one can rejuvenate and heal faster than in the environment of their regular hometown. Here are a few health benefits that a restorative vacation brings along.

Helps in Improving Mental Health
To clear out the daily clutter and anxiousness, travelling to a peaceful location can help in improving mental health. Just as a body needs time to rest in order to perform better, the human mind also needs a break from monotonous tasks which also fosters improvement in mental health. By visiting to a new location, an automatic change in moods takes place, and a person is able to unwind and relax. For those who are on medications for health improvement, they tend to experience a faster rate of recovery.

Avoids Burnouts and Increases Creativity
Our bodies burnout due to the constant pressures of deadlines, responsibilities and our day to day duties. By going on a restorative vacation, to places where famous Ayurvedic spas and massages are given, one can easily refresh their mind and bodies for good. For example, click here for China tours and check out the different packages and locations that they cover. China is famous for its alternative medicines and heals many body and mental diseases. By going on a vacation, a change in the atmosphere and environment also helps in increasing creativity.

Opportunity for Personal and Social Development
Along with the much needed mental health and stress reduction, restorative vacations also help in personal and social development. By taking such vacations, one gets the time to reconnect with their spiritual side. If the vacation is taken with friends or family, it is the best time to build or mend bonds that have been ignored for too long. Many vacations also come with the opportunity of social work and peace related causes, by volunteering in such activities one can develop many social and personal contacts. A research conducted recently suggests that a stark change in the health conditions of cardiovascular patients was seen after breaks were taken in the form of vacations.

A Few Tips to Ensure Healthy Eyesight

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Our eyes are extremely important and its absence will most likely hinder us from doing what we are supposed to do. Thus, as much as possible, we have to see to it that our eyes are given the right kind of care they deserve. As you grow older, you might start to suffer eyesight related issues. In fact, other people experience these problems even if they are still young. Therefore, if you wanted to avoid these problems and maintain healthy eyesight, here are some useful tips for you:

• Always eat healthy dishes; especially those that are rich in Vitamins C and E. Among the most important foods to eat are green leafy vegetables, salmon, oranges, eggs, nuts and beans. If you are not into these types of foods, then start changing your preferences so you will ensure good eyesight.

• Make sure that you wear sunglasses when you are outside on a sunny day. You have to be protected especially with the UN rays coming from the sun. You can check out sunglasses that protect you from UVA and UVB. They also help in order to reduce glare especially when you are driving.

• Quit smoking. The list of the negative effects of smoking is long and losing vision is among them. Therefore, you have to make sure that you stop smoking now especially if you are a chain smoker.

• When you use your computer at all times, make sure that you take a rest every now and then. Look away from the screen if you don’t want to suffer from eye problems. When you start feeling eyestrain, blurry vision or headaches, then you definitely have to stop using the computer. Stand up and do other things.

• Have a regular checkup with your doctor. You need to see to it that your eyes are in good condition. Whether you are suffering from problems at the moment or not, it pays a lot to get the opinion of your doctor.

If you wanted the best eye care, you can go to Cedar Park Eye Care at for more details.

Health Benefits of Breast Augmentation and How to Choose Your Surgeon

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Breast augmentation is the top surgical procedure done in the US, including the cities of La Mesa and Denver. The most common reason why women go for this type of surgery is that they may not be happy with the size of their breast, their breasts are sagging, they are not proportional or they may have underwent a surgery that may require this process to bring back how that area looked before.

This is a cosmetic procedure that would enhance the appearance of a person. Because of the said improvement on the physical appearance, patients become happier with themselves and they feel more confident. It opens up several doors of opportunities in different areas of their lives. While breast augmentation is not usually done for health reasons, it still has some good benefits on the health. We’ll get to know how it could also have a positive effect on the health, as well as learn some tips on how to choose the best surgeon to do the procedure.

Health Benefits of Breast Augmentation

As mentioned, breast augmentation is for aesthetic purposes. Though indirectly, it still has some health benefits. If you decide to get breast augmentation in Denver for fuller, bigger and more beautiful breasts, you will be screened by your chosen surgeon to determine if you’re a good candidate. You’re a good candidate if you’re healthy and you are of legal age.

If you push through with the surgery, you will be given instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. This includes avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. While this is not a direct effect of breast augmentation, it’s still part of the preparation so it can be considered as a health benefit of the process. Smoking and alcohol drinking is not good for your health. You will be asked to stop this as it may delay the recovery process. You also need to eat right and have the right amount of exercise to strengthen your body and make healing faster.

Moreover, many women who had breast implants became more conscious about their health. Because of the positive feeling that they get from their enhancement, they become more motivated to take care of their body better. They continue to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and they also stick to their diet plan.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

It’s extremely important to choose a trusted and experienced surgeon if having a breast augmentation in La Mesa or any other areas. Like any surgical procedures, it comes with a risk. A surgeon that specializes in this area and has a proven record in the industry is a good choice. These experts know the procedure by heart so this lowers the chances of serious health and life risks. Some of the risks involved in the process are bleeding, infection, scarring, implant rupture, accumulation of fluid and pain. Again, make sure that you are only choosing one with the right credentials and one who is board certified.

While this is not completely risk free, it’s a generally safe procedure especially if done by an expert in this field.

Finding Your Way Back, One Day at a Time

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

There are a lot of things to be said about one’s health. Whichever way you put it, personal health is a conundrum. We work hard to earn a living, and we can easily get caught up in the details. This is especially true of those whose life revolves around their work. All the time is spent on work, and in the end the work catches up with them and overwhelms their life. Without downtime, people start to shrivel and work stress starts to show as physical symptoms.

Some people say that cancer and other illnesses are triggered by too much stress and pressure. Because of people’s desire to get ahead, they spend more than eight hours a day at work, more for those who work double jobs. Some people who work on shifting schedules are unaware that they are wreaking havoc on their systems. The body’s natural clock is upset by the very little or no sleep that people get. This is compounded by the lack of exercise and the overly salty and sweet foods that people love to consume.

There is nothing wrong with eating sweets, fats and salt, but they must be taken in moderation. After being ill and recovering thanks to a diet of mostly raw food and herbal teas, I’ve begun looking at things differently about my health and how I can stay illness-free for the rest of my days. One of the most important things is having access to excellent health care. I was lucky that I had great health insurance when I got sick.
So now I remind friends and family to make sure that they are covered by insurance. When looking for a provider, it is important to compare health insurance quotes and plans. You can easily find one that will fit your family’s budget and needs.

Still on the subject of health, doing light exercises like yoga and walking can help kickstart your new resolve to be healthy. You can start with a three times a week regimen and change an oily breakfast into one of fruits or a green smoothie. Your body will be thanking you for taking better care of your health years from now.

Reboot, Reset and Recharge Your body

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Do you ever feel like you have run into a brick wall? Does your lifestyle have you running at 90 mph everywhere? And do you fele bloated but constantly hungry?  If you do then it’s time for a reset.  I used to be like that until I turned my life around and made choices about the way I eat.

Reboot and Cleanse

Sometimes, your body needs a rest as much as your mind does. I’m not particularly talking about a physical rest though; I’m talking about a change from all the processed sugary foods you feed it every day.

These kinds of foods make you feel sluggish and hungry all the time. Too much coffee, too many pastries, far too many snatched snacks here and there. Luckily, there is way to reboot your body naturally in just 2 days.

Here goes:

  • For breakfast, have a beautiful green smoothie – look online for some great information on the best blender for smoothies
  • Lunch should be a big salad with some lean protein
  • For dinner, a side of steamed organic vegetables and fresh organic soup.

Starvation is out

Many detox and refresh diets call for starvation but this is an old-fashioned way of doing things. It isn’t necessary and it isn’t healthy. No, what you should do is eat only whole foods that are dense in nutrients and fluids foods that prevent your blood sugar from dropping.

Don’t forget the water. Every day you should drink at least 8 large glasses of water throughout the course of the day. If you don’t like plain water just add a slice or two of lemon to it.

Try the following smoothie – it tastes just like a melted mint choc chop ice cream!


  • A couple of handfuls of light greens – spinach, lettuce, etc.
  • Half an avocado that is ripe, a couple of dates that have been pitted or a tablespoon of honey
  • A frozen banana, sliced
  • 2 cups of nondairy milk, unsweetened
  • Ice cubes
  • Half to three-quarters tablespoon of mint extract
  • A scoop of egg white,  or a single ingredient protein powder, vanilla flavored
  • Cocoa powder, unsweetened for dusting


Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour it out and dust with cocoa powder.

Surgeries Stereotyped as Purely Cosmetic and Unnecessary

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

I have to admit I was one of those who though certain surgeries were purely aesthetic in nature and unnecessary. I was one of those who frowned upon people who decide to have their breasts and butts enlarged. Now, however, I know better as I learned more about the world of medicine—surgeries in particular.

I am an advocate of natural healing since I can attest to how it works. I recovered from an autoimmune disease through natural methods. However, I have to concede that modern medicine is a must in certain instances. Surgery, specifically, needs to be undertaken to save a person’s life or to prevent a disease from aggravating. Also, there are surgeries I thought were unnecessary but are actually serving purposes other than what they have been stereotyped with.

One of the surgeries I thought was really just for aesthetic purposes is rhinoplasty or the so-called noselift. It was only a few years back when I learned that rhinoplasty is also needed to correct defects and address certain conditions. Rhinoplasty is used to provide a solution to obstructed nasal airways. It is also performed to reconstruct a saddle nose caused by a perforated or collapsed septum. It was only recently that I learned how some autoimmune diseases such as sarcoidosis, relapsing polychondritis, and Wegener’s granulomatosis can lead to a perforated septum. Operations on the nose are also needed to correct late-stage Rosacea or the nasal skin infection affected by acne rosacea.

Liposuction is another procedure I used to consider as a non-necessity. I had this belief that no body weight cannot be shed off with exercise and the right diet plan. However, I failed to consider how some weight problems can also be brought about by undesirable health conditions. Some people just can’t do enough exercise and dieting to be able to get rid of the unwanted fat accumulation in the body. Hence, some medical intervention will be needed.

Lastly, I also had my misconception on labiaplasty (aka labioplasty and labial reduction) clarified after I happened to pass by a clinic that offers labioplasty or labiaplasty in Northern VA. I had to visit someone in Virginia and it was by accident that I read an info material about labiaplasty. That’s when I learned that this surgery on the female genitalia (the labia minora in particular) is not just about “tightening” or getting that “feeling of virginity” back. It’s also a procedure performed to correct certain congenital defects and abnormalities including vaginal atresia and Mullerian agenesis.

I guess there’s still more I need to know to avoid becoming one of those who stereotype certain things because of the lack of knowledge. I know I have an open mind when it comes to medicine and I think I should open my mind wider to know more and to know better.

Is It Possible to Recover from Drug Addiction on Your Own, through Natural Means?

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

I’ve been asked several times how I made it through my disease without relying on the advancements and advantages afforded by modern medicine. Often, I couldn’t find the right words to explain how I made it happen. I somehow find it easy discussing how nature helped me recover so I don’t have to suffer from the side effects and other undesirable consequences of pharmaceutical drugs. However, I find it difficult to explain my involvement in my recovery.

Recently, I’ve been asked about my opinion about the possibility of recovering from drug addiction without help and using natural methods. Admittedly, I don’t really know but I am very intrigued by the idea. I recovered naturally from a disease, not an addiction so I’m not sure how my experience could relate to those who suffer from addiction.

A post on the Harvard Health Blog presents instances where natural recovery from addiction can be possible, along with details on the approaches. At first, I really thought addiction is something willpower and natural methods would not be able to address. I thought it may be possible for smokers but it’s unlikely going to be the case with narcotics involved. However, quite a number of testimonials online attest to the possibility of natural drug addiction recovery.

Basically, natural recovery can be possible by doing the following:

  • Realizing that there is a problem and understanding the harmful effects of drugs
  • Having a new hobby or something to be busy with
  • Enhancing self discipline
  • Exercising or getting involved in physical activities

The acknowledgment that drug addiction is a problem is a necessary first step in setting the mind towards recovery. Knowing that the person who has an addiction problem needs to do something about his or her situation is crucial in making progress. Recovery starts from the self. After realizing the need to address the addiction problem, it will be important to find something to do, a new fixation or something to get rid of idleness. Moreover, self discipline needs to be strengthened. It helps having someone to watch over your activities and progress to keep you on track and to make sure your inability to resist temptations does not get the best of you. Lastly, it’s highly advisable to develop an exercise routine or to engage in regular physical activities to facilitate faster physical recovery.

Of course, natural recovery is not something that will work for everyone. It is very remotely foolproof. That’s why the option to enlist professional help for addiction recovery help should never be closed. There are many treatment facilities nowadays that can extend the needed help. You can easily find for a center or clinic for drug addiction treatment in California, in Texas, in New York, or in various other places by doing a quick search online or by asking for referrals and recommendations from friends, relatives, and colleagues. There’s just no reason why anyone should be stuck with an addiction problem.

Yes, natural addiction recovery is possible but its success rate is rather low. It works only among those who are capable of imposing discipline on themselves and are doing their best efforts to succeed. I can say I acknowledge how it may be possible to naturally escape from addiction but if I or a family member will encounter a drug addiction problem, I won’t take chances. I will go for the proven traditional methods. I can’t risk experimenting with natural approaches when they don’t have the track record of restoring the lives of those who suffered from drug addiction.

How to Take Care of Your Oral Health

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

We all know that poor oral hygiene can cause bad breath and tooth decay. However, these are not the only problems that you may get if you don’t take care of your oral health. This can also lead to more serious complications and diseases including diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

There are things that you can do prevent oral problems. The most common is by brushing your teeth after every meal. It’s a basic thing that has been taught to us since we were kids. Unfortunately, not everyone does this. Aside from brushing your teeth, here are other ways to take care of your oral health.

Use Dental Floss

Even when you brush your teeth, there are still food particles that are hard to remove, which your toothbrush may not be able to reach. A dental floss can help remove these unwanted particles between your teeth. Gently guide the floss between your teeth to remove food particles. Don’t be too heavy handed or you could hurt your gums and cause them to bleed.

Gargle with Mouth Rinse

Choose a mouthwash that would not just make your breath fresh, but would also kill the germs that built up in your mouth. A mouth wash with antibacterial features is a great option. This can also help heal swollen gums and remove plaque.

Avoid Smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking is dangerous to your health, as it can have a negative effect on your lungs. Moreover, it can stain your teeth and cause your mouth to turn black.

Eat Healthy and Avoid Foods with High Sugar Content

Sugary foods can cause tooth decay, which is why you should limit your intake on these types of food. Try to eat food that is good for your mouth such as milk, meats, nuts and cheese.

Visit the Dentist

A regular visit to the dentist is needed in order to ensure that your oral health is at its best.

Don’t take your oral health for granted and follow these tips to avoid the complications that you may get from a poor oral hygiene.

How to Prevent Varicose Veins

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Along with scars and unwanted hair growth, varicose veins are among the most stubborn stumbling blocks to achieving killer flawless legs. Varicose and spider veins look unsightly and can be hard to hide. But varicose veins can be much more serious than being a beauty problem. It can be a sign of more serious health conditions that need to be treated right away.

Nobody wants ugly twisted veins, so here are some natural ways you can do to avoid developing varicose veins:

1. Don’t stand for too long. Prolonged stationary standing exerts too much pressure on the veins in your legs. This pressure weakens the walls of the vessels, hindering blood to flow back up to the heart. Blood accumulates in the veins, and this is the reason veins become enlarged and twisted. If your work requires you to stand for long hours, avoid staying in one place for a long time. Move around frequently or at least every 30 minutes. This way, pressure can be lessened.

2. Stay slim and fit. Speaking of pressure, it is generally understood that the heavier something is, the stronger the pressure it can exert. Same goes with our bodies. The heavier you are, the more pressure your legs have to endure. So maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly, eating the right diet, having enough sleep and getting it at the right time, and drinking lots of water.

3. Stop smoking. Seriously, you don’t need to know that smoking contributes to varicose veins before you quit. Quit now because smoking does not do any good for you. Absolutely nothing. It pollutes your system with so many toxins that can cause lung cancer, heart problems, brain defects, and so much more. It also causes high blood pressure, which is a contributor to the development of varicose veins. With these myriad of health problems smoking causes, think not only thrice but ten times before you puff another stick.

4. Choose your wardrobe wisely. Your clothing are important, too. Too tight jeans hinder healthy blood circulation, so choose softer and loose-fitting clothes like skirts or yoga pants. Also minimize your use of 4-inch heels. How tall do you need to be, seriously? You can look gorgeous with just 2 inches, plus it will not bring you ugly veins in the long run.

5. Relax your feet after a long day. After rushing to your work, doing some errands, walking the stairs because the elevator is broken, your feet deserve a break. Relax them by raising your legs high up above the level of your heart. This will ease the flow of blood back to the heart, so less stress for you leg vessels.

If all else fails (because it can be genetics too), you can seek medical treatments that are proven effective. One is schlerotherapy, a procedure that inserts medicine into your veins that corrects the twisted veins. You can try ultrasound-guided procedures, like the schlerotherapy in Idaho, if you want a surefire way to eliminate those varicose veins. There are also procedures that use foam and liquid like the schlerotherapy in Norwolk. There are numerous options out there but be sure to consult experienced vein doctors first before proceeding. 

Essential Tips to Recover Faster After Breast Augmentation

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Though technology is now available to make breast augmentation less painful during the process, the healing period could still be very painful and difficult to bear. The moment the anesthesia starts to wear off, women start to feel the pain. Depending on the patient, the recovery period could take about 2 weeks or more. For scars to fully heal, it could take months. Therefore, if you have decided to go for this procedure, you need to know what to do to recover a lot faster. Here are some tips for you:

• Follow the surgeon’s advice. Make sure that you don’t do anything that you were not told to do. If the surgeon prescribes certain pills for you to take for certain period of time, then faithfully follow it. If you are asked to use ointment or cream to be applied around the chest area, then do it.

• Avoid doing stressful activities for the next few weeks until you have fully recovered. Don’t do anything that will make your breast move a lot and place stress to it. Don’t hit the gym for a while to do some heavy lifting. Do not jump on a trampoline. Do not pass through bumpy roads. Make sure that you do light activities only. If your job requires a lot of physical activities, then you would have to take a leave until you are already healed.

• Make sure that you wear breast support. Sports bras are the best choice. They make sure that your breasts don’t move a lot. They are also perfect so that even if you walk long distances, you won’t feel tired.

• Sleep on your back for the next 10 days or so. Don’t sleep sideward or your front lying on the bed. Aside from this could be painful, it could also misshape your implants.

• Apply moisturizes or shea butter right after the procedure. You can see a lot of red areas on your breasts and parts that seem irritated. Thus, you have to apply the moisturizer to ease the pain and lessen redness. Do this as often as you can until you don’t feel itchy or dry anymore.

• Never take pills that were not advised by your physician. This could have adverse negative effects on your new implants. Don’t take alcohol or smoke a cigarette as well just to be safe.

It could take some time for you to fully recover after doing the procedure. Thus, you need to make sure that you follow these tips to help alleviate the pain along the way. In any situation where you feel like there is a need to seek help from your surgeon, do not hesitate to call him right away.

If you need the best breast augmentation san diego surgeon, check this out. On the other hand, if you wish to get breast augmentation Spokane, visit With the right surgeon by your side, there is nothing for you to fear about.