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Foods to Avoid to Prevent Nail Fungus

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

hands careWhy is nail fungus such a nuisance to get rid of? Some fungal infections could take up to a year to go away. Often painful, nail fungus affects nearly half of all men over the age of 40. It’s prevalence among the elderly is staggering, particularly with respect to those who contend with autoimmune disorders like HIV, AIDS and diabetes, though  HIV and AIDS are particularly rare among the elderly, whereas diabetes is quite common.

Cosmetic Surgery and Natural Anti-Aging Tricks

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

When you see rows after rows of anti-aging creams and skin toners in department store shelves, you’ll know that the world is on a hunt for the elixir of life that will make them forever look young. Women and men alike constantly look for ways to minimize the wrinkles, spots, flabby skin, eye bags, and other signs of aging.  

Thousands of people looked at the horizon of plastic surgery and saw promising future there. For them, cosmetic surgeries are the answer for the long running battle against time. Surgeries like Botox, facial lift, eyelid surgery, and others all aim to make a person look younger.

Cosmetic Surgery Today

Ten years ago you wouldn’t see public advertisements for cosmetic surgeries because of the stigma attached to it. If you undergo cosmetic surgery, you’re a fake. But now, a staggering 14.6 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the USA in 2012 alone.

In Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan, one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries is blepharoplasty. This surgery creates a double eyelid which Korean women are almost obsessed about. I think there’s beauty in their unique eyes, but cultural norms largely influence their decisions.

There’s no doubt cosmetic surgery is here to stay. And it’s undeniable that it helps a lot of people overcome insecurity. My friend, for example, recently underwent a facelift procedure in Atlanta because she felt she had too many creases. It ended up pretty well. The center she underwent a procedure in also offers eyelid surgery in Atlanta, with more details here:

Are There Natural Ways to Fight Aging?

For young people who dread an early aging because of stress, there are some tricks you can use to stay youthful looking for as long as you can. Asians are famous for looking young even when they’re well into their 40’s. We’ve all seen Lucy Liu’s seemingly unfading beauty. Do they have a secret?

Apparently, Asians do not have any special diet, treatment, or surgeries that keep them looking young. Their diet and lifestyle are just really healthy that it naturally follows that they look healthy and radiant as well.

But they do have some secrets. For one, Chinese people love teas. They drink tea day in and day out. Teas are known to be packed with antioxidants which promote healthy blood circulation and helps to keep the skin radiant. White and green teas are particularly rich with an antioxidant known as EGCG. This helps to fight wrinkles and hastens the replenishment of skin cells.  

Indian women also often drink ginger mixed with tea and honey. Honey is flowing with anti-bacterial properties, while ginger is bursting with an antioxidant property called gingerol. This helps sustain and protect collagen.

They also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Basically just healthy living. If you keep healthy, exercise daily, eat proper foods in proper amounts, you’re almost guaranteed to slow down the aging process. If you start early, you won’t have to worry about your looks any time soon. 

Health Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Moving to a new house may not be easy. You are not just leaving the place that you grew to love and became your home for a long time, but people that became an important part of your life will also be left behind. Aside from the emotional burden that it brings, you also need to think of how you can move your things to your new place.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do everything on your own. Furthermore, if you or a family member has health problems, it is not advisable to do the moving by yourself. This requires carrying heavy objects, which can be difficult if you are not in your best form. You may also be exposed to dust and various elements that could have a negative effect on your health.

Hiring moving services from professionals like the movers in Anaheim can prevent these problems from happening. These experts are trained so they know how to move your things without damaging them. Since they are used in doing this work, the process can also be done faster. Most importantly, there is no need to worry about the health and safety of the whole family. These movers have the right equipment to protect them from different elements, as well as to keep them safe during the moving process.

To save time and effort, as well as to keep the whole family safe and healthy; consider hiring a professional moving company such as the movers in Santa Ana, if you live within the area. If this is your first time to hire one, here are some tips in choosing the best moving service.

1. Get recommendations from people you trust like friends and relatives. See if they hired a moving company in the past that they could recommend to you. If they are satisfied with the service, chances are you will also be happy with the assistance that you will get.

2. Choose one that would go to your place to give you an estimate on how much the service would cost. Aside from the distance of the old home to the new one, the number and size of things to be moved are also considered when deciding on the service cost. If they do the estimate via phone, it may not be accurate and you may be surprised with the additional charges that you may get during the moving process.

3. Find a company that is insured. Check for the insurance certificate before you sign any documents. A reputable company will be more than happy to show you their certificate. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case unexpected things happen.

4. Be clear with all details including the number of movers to help you and the extent of service they will offer like packing to unpacking. If you have any questions in your mind, do not be afraid to ask. Professional companies will always be ready to answer your concerns. To get more tips on the possible questions to ask potential movers, click here.

Hiring professional movers could mean shedding some amount to pay for the service. However, this is all worth it, considering the benefits that you will get, including your good health and safety.

I’m Over My Disease And Starting Again With The Help Of VA Refinance

Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

An autoimmune disease, or for that matter any serious disease, affects your life in so many different ways. And often you don’t quite realize how much it has affected your life until you’ve overcome it and got back on with your life.

My disease affected me in so many ways it’s almost hard to remember them all. But for me the most serious, and saddest, result was the loss of my relationship.

We had been together for a number of years and had been happy throughout that time. However as my disease progressed she began to realize that she was more and more becoming a carer rather than a partner.

Of course the role of a carer is very different to the role of a partner, and so many things that we had together in the past just seemed to disappear as my disease progressed.

To give her credit she stayed with me for much longer than she should have. However eventually she decided that it was time to move on and live her own life. I don’t blame her.

Then of course there’s my career. As a longstanding member of the military I was determined to make as much of my career as possible, but eventually it became impossible to continue in the military. Fortunately now I’m qualified as a veteran.

I lost many of my friends who eventually got tired of seeing me so ill. Fortunately, as you would expect I suppose, my parents stood by my side and have supported me right through the entire period of my illness. They are delighted at my recovery.

I’m getting my life back now

Gradually things are returning to normal. I feel so much better about myself I can’t believe it. I have a new job, not in the military, and I have a new girlfriend. I’m a wildlife photographer now.

You wouldn’t believe how much happier I am now. I have a relationship that is working out beautifully and I have money to spend.

I even bought myself a new house. I never thought I’d be able to afford a house as my illness cost so much, both in terms of money and health, however with the aid of VA refinance from I was able to buy a modest home.

There’s plenty of gardening to do, it wasn’t an expensive house and the garden was in a terrible state, but as I love gardening I almost feel like doing the garden is part of my recovery.

I wouldn’t wish an autoimmune disease on anybody. The cost to me has been extraordinary.

But it’s wonderful now to be on the other side and and knowing all of that is in the past.

Healthy Diet and Exercise: The Ultimate Medicine

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

As medical technologies advance every year, we begin to rely on them more and more when things go wrong with our health. The truth is most of our health problems stem from unhealthy eating habits, which is completely under our control and can be prevented. The irony is that restaurants today are moving towards relying completely on processed foods rather than natural foods in order to cut costs. These days it is hard to eat out anywhere without getting processed foods or an unhealthy meal.

Dr. Mark Hyman is famous for taking the stance against using traditional medicine to treat medical problems such as diabetes for example. Dr. Hyman instead looks to the reasons WHY the problem or disease occurred in the first place. According to Dr. Hyman, 99% of the time the problem occurs because of poor diet choices. He recommends a new strict diet plan to his patients instead to treat their disease.

In the case of diabetics, Dr. Hyman looks at what they are consuming and tells them to take out all the bad stuff and start eating natural and unprocessed foods. This requires him to give his patients advanced and detailed meal plans that are actually quite simple. He tells you where to shop and what to buy, which typically consists of natural grass-fed meat products. He also tells his patients to stop consuming an unhealthy amount of sugar, which means leave the soda and sweets on the shelf.

Dr. Hyman says that after his patients switch to his diet plan, they begin to have fun cooking with their family, enjoying healthy meals, feel and see for themselves how much healthier they feel, quit taking traditional medication completely, and also lose weight!

In addition to eating healthy, it is strongly recommended that people incorporate at least 30 minutes of physical activity into their daily life. Exercise has an uncountable amount of benefits to the health of your body and mind. The biggest benefit to exercise is the effect on your energy and happiness. Exercise and physical activity have been proven to increase the amount of chemicals in your body that create energy and happiness.

But let’s face it…

Everyone knows eating healthy and daily exercise is great for us, but we still don’t do it. The problem is we are creatures who seek instant gratification, and the benefits of nutrition and exercise are noticeable after a lengthy period of time. Even though we know it is worth it, we still don’t do it. Why?

It’s because we lack intrinsic motivation. We lack the “push” we need to realize this is one of the most important things (health) and that we need to start now before it is too late. It is much easier to prevent disease through nutrition and exercise than it is to cure it.

If you haven’t been strictly watching what you eat or exercising on a weekly basis, we recommend you look for a personal trainer. A personal trainer is the most effective way to make sure you eat healthy and workout. They keep you motived to go to the gym, to work out hard when you’re there, and keep you accountable on your “off days” through random texts and phone calls of encouragement.

Quick tip: Don’t go to a chain gym for a personal trainer, because they don’t have a lot of experience and are typically there because they needed a job. Instead, go to a private personal training center where the experienced personal trainers help their clients. A great example is a gym in Orange County, California called Next Level Fitness who only offer personal training services. There are many private gyms like this all over the country and you can find one near you by a quick online search.

Do you agree with Dr. Hyman? If you’re eating healthy and working out now, please leave a comment below to share your experience about how it has affected your health and your life.

5 Proven Tips for Natural Breast Enlargement

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Do you fantasize having breasts that is bigger than what they are now? If you wish to make them look a lot bigger, there are proven natural solutions that you can follow. Since these are natural techniques, they come with no risk at all. Thus, they are worth trying.

1. Perform a breast massage. This must be done at least twice a day to ensure positive results. You can start rubbing your breasts in circular motion. This movement must be done repetitively for at least 100 times and up to 300 times. You can also go to massage clinics that are meant for breast enlargement.

2. Hypnosis may also be done. This is a relatively new technique that was just introduced in the 1960′s. Since the mind is so powerful, it can create changes in the body. You just have to start visualizing about these changes. You need to have a more relaxed state of mind. Eventually, you will be surprised that it totally works. Even if it does not, hypnosis has a lot of other benefits related to relieving stress and dealing with problems in life.

3. Perform exercises that are concentrated on the breast area. This might include weight training and calisthenics. You can also do push-ups and sit-ups. You can also make use of gym equipment that provides attention on chest area. Dumbbells are also proven effective depending on how heavy they are and how you make use of them.

4. There are certain types of foods that are said to help in breast enlargement. For instance, you can check out an ingredient called palmetto and fennel seed. They are said to have contents that help in boosting a woman’s estrogen. Other choices include ginseng, soy, and dandelion. With increased estrogen, breast growth is stimulated. Again, even if the results are not seen, these options are healthy and will not pose any significant damages to your health.

5. Drink lots of water. In doing so, you will facilitate the removal of toxins from your body. As a result, your breast tissues are improved. Of course, drinking water also makes you revitalized.

What if Natural Methods Don’t Work?

If you really wish to see major changes in your breast size, then you might want to look into surgical procedures. If you live in Michigan, I highly recommend Dr. Kelly for breast augmentation in Ann Arbor, click here for more information. As long as you can find someone who is reliable in performing the procedure, then you have nothing to worry about. The only down side is that even if the results are immediately seen, the price might be high. Natural methods on the other hand are way cheaper.

Another surgeon I recommend is Dr. Min for breast augmentation in Seattle, click here to learn more about his approach. One of the most important thing that you need to look for is an experienced doctor. You also have to make sure that your surgeon has dealt with several patients in the past. Most of all, you need to understand the consequences of this decision. Once you are ready to take on the challenge, then go ahead and do it.

Affording the Best Treatments Through Binary Options Trading

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

Alternative medicine can be very effective. In fact, it was even able to address my health needs that conventional medicine was not able to take care of. Through alternative medicine, I was able to recover from my condition. Of course, this is not to say that alternative medicine is always the best option. I believe that my treatment wouldn’t have been effective if alternative medicine hadn’t been combined with conventional medicine. This is why I tell my readers, if you want to get the best treatment, you must make sure that you make the most of both western medicine and alternative treatments.

Of course, it goes without saying that undergoing both conventional and alternative treatments can prove to be very costly for the average person. For this reason, I am writing this post. I am actually going to focus on one way many people today fund their treatment: binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, you can build a fund for your treatments in no time.

If you have been using the internet for at least a few years, you probably have heard of binary options trading. Binary options trading is a form of online that has consistently grown in popularity over the past few years. There are many reasons as to why so many people from all over the world do binary options trading, one of them being the fact that it is both very easy to do and profit from. To earn money from binary options trading, people just have to choose correctly between putting or calling on an option. Regardless of the value the asset an option is for gains or loses, one will gain a fixed amount of money by making the correct choice.

The best part is that there are some binary options trading brokerages that make it a point to have binary option trading explained to their clients (e.g. Banc de Binary Europe). By working with such brokerages, even those who are pressed for time can easily learn how to do binary options trading effectively, thus letting them make profits from it fast. I, for one, know many people who used to have serious conditions who benefited greatly by working with legitimate brokerages. Even though their schedules were hectic, balancing their treatments with home/work life, they were still able to make a great profit from binary options trading due to the fact that the brokerage they worked with made it so easy for them. These people ended up building a fund that was enough for their treatments.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give people, especially those who are suffering from serious conditions or have a loved one who is, an idea on how they can avail of both the best alternative and medical treatments. It doesn’t matter whether they build their fund through binary options trading or not, what’s important is that they realize that it is very much possible. Gone are the days when the best treatments could only be availed of by the rich.

I’m Eating More Fish, I’m Taking a Fish Oil Supplement and I’m Doing My Own Cooking

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I’ve recently discovered the importance of keeping up your intake of fish oil. I’m a huge convert to natural methods of staying healthy and I’m starting to realise that fish should be a big part of my diet.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of omega 3. Omega 3 is a fat which is found in fish, and which is supposed to be very good for you.

I’d heard about omega 3 fish oil before, but it’s really only since I began reading about it that I began to fully appreciate the importance of fish oil in your diet.

Good health is about good diet

Of course good health is all about diet, I don’t think you can go past the old adage that what you eat determines how healthy you are. No matter how much you go to the doctor if you don’t eat well then you won’t be likely to be healthy, or certainly not as healthy as you could be if you do eat well.

Apparently they started to research the importance of fish oil in the diet in the last century. Someone other discovered that groups of people that ate lots of fish seemed to be healthier than lots of people who don’t eat fish, and in particular seemed to have much lower rates of some lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

People like the Eskimos, who pretty much live on fish and other types of seafood are healthier than most of the rest of this on a Western diet, or at least they don’t suffer from a number of different lifestyle diseases that so many of the rest of us suffer from. Heart disease is only one, a number of cancers are also included.

And gradually through research scientists began to discover that fish contained a particular form of fish oil which was called omega3, and the high intake of omega three, from eating fish, began to explain why these groups of people seemed to be much healthier.

It makes sense to me so I’ve included more fish in my diet. Sadly I’m finding fish very expensive and for this reason I tend to take a fish oil supplement every day, I can’t afford lots of fish. I did little research on how to find the best fish oil supplement, on websites like this one.

And I’m doing my own cooking

The other thing I’m doing to stay healthy is more of my own cooking. If you cook food from original ingredients then it’s much healthier than eating food which is manufactured. Manufactured food, it seems from my research, tends to have a lot of nasty ingredients. One of the worst is trans fats and it looks like from recent research that these are really bad for you.

So I tend to cook with olive oil which seems to be much healthier.

There’s lots of skills involved with cooking and preparing food. I invested in a quality kitchen knife, which I love, and I’m currently learning how to sharpen a knife. It’s not as easy as you might think. I found out about how to find the best knife sharpener for your needs here, bought myself this sharpener, and have spent lots of time practising on my new kitchen knife.

However I’m not so sure of quite got the hang of it yet, I think I’ve got plenty more practice to go.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately to stay healthy. I’m doing my own cooking, I’m including lots of fish in my diet, and on days when I can’t afford fish I’m taking my fish oil supplement.

Hopefully, with all of this, I’m getting healthy and I won’t need to spend any more money going to the doctor.

Lifestyle Changes for Naturally Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune disease that afflicts millions of people today. As the type of the disease suggests, it is a form of ailment where the body destroys itself. As such, it can be debilitating and very destructive to health. According to statistics, fifty to seventy percent of RA sufferers experience some form of disability within five years after being diagnosed. Moreover, around fifty percent will be unable to work after ten years. Considering this bleak prognosis for the disease, it is imperative for those with RA to treat it at the soonest possible time.

Conventionally, rheumatoid arthritis is treated with steroids and NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Although such treatments are effective in dealing with pain and inflammation on the short-term, these drugs have negative side effects to the health. Fortunately, there are natural and drug-free means by which symptoms can be minimized or eliminated; and these involve lifestyle changes for the RA sufferer.

The best foods for treating RA are vegetables. In every meal, try filling half of your plate with vegetables. Eating a fresh salad would be ideal, composed mostly of leafy greens. Healthy fat is also advisable, which you can get from nuts, olive oil, avocados and organic butter. If you don’t like eating raw, you can steam your vegetables, although certain enzymes might be lost in the cooking process. Some of the recommended vegetables include red beets, kale, broccoli, zucchini and Swiss chard.

Limit your intake of sugar because it is known to cause inflammation. In addition to its caloric load, sugar raises your body’s insulin level, which is a root cause for most chronic diseases. It can also wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you find it difficult to eliminate sugar altogether, you can do it in phases. Eliminating soda drinks from your diet would be a good start.

Stress is a condition that affects the emotional and physical well-being of a person. It is an experience that everyone goes through sometimes but it becomes harmful when you are under stress constantly. For RA sufferers, who need to be at the peak of health, chronic stress can be detrimental. Hence, it is important to seek ways to deal with stress. You can engage is physical exercises such as swimming or yoga, activities which are gentle on the joints.

Alternatively, you can engage in a hobby or craft. Doing something you really love can do wonders for stress relief. A friend of mine who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis finds relaxation in sketching and designing dresses for little girls. Her designs have not only been a stress reliever, they have also been a source of additional income for her, as she sells them to clothes manufacturers. The cute and feminine styles of the discount flower girl dresses found on remind me so much of her sketches.

Additionally, RA sufferers should ensure that they get adequate sunlight. This is not for darkening the skin but for the Vitamin D that you can get when you expose yourself to the sun. This particular vitamin has been found to be beneficial for those who have rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious ailment that requires immediate attention to prevent it from further harming the body. Luckily, with self-discipline and determination in implementing changes to your lifestyle, you can treat it naturally.

Moving Towards A Natural Approach To Health Care

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If someone asked me for the biggest take away from my journey from diseases back to health I would not have to think hard about it. There are some moments in life that really hammer home a lesson that you were not expecting.

During my recovery it occurred to me one day that we are now raised on the idea that western medicine and all that comes with it is the pinnacle of health management. There are so many situations that we just revert to a pill in lieu of actually figuring out what the root cause is and dealing with that first.

Got a headache? Pop a pill and get on with the day – even though I forgot breakfast and fueled up some soda and a muffin for lunch.

Sound familiar?

It’s this attitude that we have nowadays that I realized during my recovery was becoming an alien concept to me. It started to become obvious that the path we take sometimes is so far away from where we should be.

Now I am not going to talk banishing western medicine forever, but we do need to lower our reliance on it. Hey if it was so fantastic why are we a country of sick people?

We can easily integrate more natural and holistic methods of health management in the US if we just accepted that popping a pill is not an accepted notion when there are natural ways to deal with the problem.

There’s not a day goes by without a news story about the damaging effects of prescription drugs. Just the known side effects of these drugs kill thousands a year. We could even say doctors are killing thousands a year just by prescribing these meds.

We medicate our children to such a degree that they are essentially addicts before they are 10. Addicted to psychostimulants that probably cause many more problems than they solve.

It’s not just drugs that are a concern when it comes to damaging side effects. There are plenty of cosmetics on the market that can be damaging to our bodies.

Unfortunately in this day and age the attitude of the majority is that they want what they deem to be attractive and they want it now.

Just last week I was talking a dear friend about health matters. During our conversation it turns out that she has started using a skin whitening cream. I was completely shocked by this and to be honest I found it hard to keep my opinion to myself.

It seems that she is using it to lighten her skin tone all over her body. Now I can understand when there are actual visible skin pigmentation issues that can be embarrassing for someone that they would want to do something about it.

When I asked what it was that she was using I made a note to check up on it when I got home. It turns out that the cream contains a number of suspect ingredients, but the one that popped out was hydroquinone.
This is a very well-known chemical that is known to be unsafe. It’s been restricted for cosmetic use in many countries, but is still available in the US.

I did some extra research and called her back to tell her about this. She seemed fairly unconcerned, so I went ahead and recommended some other products that are known to be safe (here and here). I just hope she realizes the risk she is putting herself at and can make a conscious change to something that is less risky.

I think this attitude is what annoys me the most. It’s a lack of education and interest in what they are doing to their bodies in favor of quick results and ignorance.

I can honestly say that my journey has been tough but I have come out of it more enlightened about myself and my body’s needs. I can only hope that the general population can somehow get to this point one day too.

Are you ageing well?

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Just because we are getting older, does that mean we have to become sedentary, or can we stave off the effects of aging and still be healthy as we cruise into our senior years? As the population gets older and the age of mortality inches higher, there is a need for continued exercise and increased senior physical fitness.

It is a natural downward spiral that occurs as we age and it begins as we stop doing the things we find difficult. For some this starts in the 30s and 40s and for others it’s much later but there does come a time when walking or standing for long periods of time becomes difficult so we start to stop. Once that happens we don’t want to go to parks or malls or possibly family events in the event that there might be too much walking. Eventually, you find yourself sitting more than standing and that leads to another slew of problems. The less the legs are used, the more feeble the muscles become, the more feeble the muscles become the less stability and balance they have, the less stability and balance you have the greater the risk of falling as you walk through your home. This can lead to bone breakages which, in the elderly, do not heal well or quickly leaving you with complications such as depression, poor circulation and pneumonia. Talk about a downwards spiral! One way to combat this is to use a recumbent fitness bicycle which works great because you can use them while still doing other things such as watching TV or reading.

Your attitude today is a good indicator of how well you will age. Do you believe in yourself and your ability to age gracefully and in a healthful manner, or do you figure that you will deteriorate with age so there’s no point avoiding it? A few examples of a wonderful attitude towards aging are: “I will stop exercising when I die!”, “I do not want to ever be old!” or “I will have to remain young at heart to keep up with the grandkids!”.

Jack Lalanne has just turned 93 years of age and he still uses his rowing machine two hours a day! He says, “You have to work at living, period. You’ve got to train like you are training for an athletic event. Most older people just give up. They think, “I’m too old for that,” because they have an ache here or a pain there. Life is a pain in the butt; you’ve got to work at it.”

Senior fitness exercises don’t have to be any different from what you have been doing all your life either. There is no reason to change what you have been doing, you simply might have to modify the intensity and weight. Obviously a 20 year old can lift more weight than an 80 year old but an 80 year old can still do push ups and perform squats as long as it has been a life habit.

A Harvard study says that it’s amazing how many longevity predictors are actually within your control. The following is a list of such variables you can control that will help you to start today to prepare to live well into your 80′s, 90′s and who knows, you may even make a centenarian!

* Avoiding cigarettes
* Good coping or adjustment skills (cup half full)
* Avoiding being overweight
* Exercising regularly
* Keeping strong relationships in social life and marriage
* Pursuing education

Keeping Your Back in Check and Your Productivity High

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We know that one of the most fulfilling lives a human can live is a life full of giving back to the human race and the environment in which we live.

Oftentimes, our effectiveness is equal to the amount of willpower we possess, but unfortunately, some people don’t know that you can strengthen your willpower and increase its limits. Why do this? It will help you be more productive and effective with your time.

For years, I have always had a nagging pain in my back and neck, which prevented me from doing anything more than 3 hours of labor intensive work per day. Although my mind wanted to do more, my body couldn’t. As I talked to my friends and family about my issue, they recommended that I see a chiropractor in order for a professional to check on what was going on.

I really didn’t think I needed a chiropractor and I really didn’t believe anything they could do would help besides undergoing surgery. The pain came from bending down too much and after the three hour mark of doing this continuously, the pain would be so severe that all I could do was lay down. It took me two months to finally go and see a chiropractor to find out if they really could help me or not.

I ended up meeting with a local chiropractor, Dr. Vas of Next Level Wellness, and in minutes had me doing some specialized stretches while he was feeling and massaging my back and neck. Although the positions were straining, it actually did feel good to stretch that part of my body. After 30 minutes with Dr. Vas, I couldn’t say I felt any better and in reality I was actually quite sore after his treatment. He did tell me that after the pain subsides, I should already feel some sort of improvement and he recommended that I do come back once a week for two months to keep doing stretches and different ART techniques.

It’s been two months since I’ve been going to see Dr. Vas and I really do feel better; actually I feel amazing. I can work twice as long before my back and neck start to hurt and I am continuing sessions with him to relieve me of this pain for good. Now I can spend more time of my day working than I could before. In the end, this allows me to spend less days of my week working and I can enjoy my weekends now.

If you are struggling with any pains in your joints or back, I would definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor to find out if they can help. Just pay for the first session and see what they say. If you are having problems with your body that are preventing you from doing meaningful work, seeing a chiropractor is a worthy investment. I wanted to share this story with you today, because I know that I’m not the only one struggling with this. Don’t be stubborn, see a professional, and work better and smarter.

Beauty Products That Negatively Affect Our Health

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productsHealth products may appear harmless when they are displayed in racks and shelves in supermarkets. However, we should always be cautious of what we’re applying to our skin, hair and even our nails. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration is responsible for banning any products that they think are not safe for public usage, but they obviously cannot ensure that 100% of harmful products are banned. There are still destructive products that gain access to supermarket shelves and worse, into our homes. So how do you know which products to purchase ad which you should avoid? Check out the ingredients and be sure it doesn’t acquire too much of the listed ones below.

Isopropyl alcohol SD-40

Too much alcohol dries the skin. If we use alcohol occasionally, that’s fine. But if too much of this is included in our everyday skin regime like lotions then that’s a whole new story. It will only dry your skin instead of moisturize it. Plus, alcohol will also weaken your skin’s vitamins and nutrients, allowing bacteria to easily penetrate. Most products that include too much of this are fragrance products like perfume and cologne. Antibacterial hand wash may also include isopropyl alcohol. In fact, alcohol may also be present in hair products, which means the best curling iron, found at, is way better than purchasing chemical-based products.


There are many ingredients that include parabens which you can easily identify through the name. Examples include butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, ptopylparaben and more. Oftentimes, such ingredients are included in moisturizers, makeup and shampoos. If not regulated correctly, this may cause massive health problems. If you’re not sure of the product you’re purchasing and you saw many ingredients which include parabens, better steer away and simply look for other similar but safer products. But items with too much parabens cause problem with your hormone function. Some health experts also link this ingredient to breast cancer. They work great as makeup preservatives but they may not be that friendly to your health. This means it’s better to look for the best curling iron for thick hair rather than hair coloring treatments which can be very risky.

Formaldehyde preservatives

When you found makeup products that include hydantoin, urea, DMDM, methenamine, imidazolidinyl urea, or perhaps quarternium-15, you might want to reconsider before purchasing. This product can be very harmful especially that many experts believe it can cause cancer. Similar to parabens, most formaldehyde preservatives or any related ingredients are found in hair products and moisturizers. It is also used as preservatives to such beauty products but it may not be able to preserve our desired beauty.

Polyethylene glycols

Last on the list would be polyethylene glycols or commonly known as PEGs. This ingredient is usually present in deodorants and some skin moisturizers and lotions also include it. While there’s nothing wrong with PEGs, there have been many instances when it was found to b contaminated with 1,4-dioxane now this is where the problem begins as it can serve as human carcinogen or commonly referred to as cancer cells.